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Spearmint tea pcos - a tea that has no boundaries

Spearmint tea pcos - What does spearmint tea do to you?

The market is filled with numerous varieties of teas and one such tea is Spearmint tea. But there are amazing benefits of spearmint tea. Spearmint plant is grown in both Asia and Europe and got its name from its spear-shaped leaves. Spearmint tastes pleasant and sweet and is mostly in special dishes, regular toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum, and candies.

In recent times it got “Spearmint tea pcos” and also became famous for its health benefits. Let's look at them.

6 Health Benefits of Spearmint

1. Aids digestion

Spearmint is often added to spicy food, so as to increase food absorption and easy digestion. Spearmint tea can also be used to treat indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and bloating issues. Spearmint contains a chemical compound called carvone which mainly focuses on stopping muscle contractions in the stomach which further helps in digestive upsets.

2. Rich in antioxidants

Spearmint is also known for its antioxidant properties, which help prevent free radicals and repair cell damage. Spearmint indirectly helps in relieving oxidative stress, which left untreated can lead to heart disorders and diabetes. These antioxidants also act as protection from free radicals.

3. Helps with hormone imbalances

Few studies state that spearmint helps treat hormone imbalances mainly in women. Due to various factors, women develop extra testosterone, which is a male hormone. And Spearmint can help decrease this male sex hormone. Regular usage of spearmint in women have showed to decrease testosterone levels and increase LH, FSH, and estrogen levels. It is also believed that spearmint increases hormones that are related and necessary for ovulation.

4. Improves brain function

Consuming spearmint on a regular basis also might help in brain functioning. It might help improve focus and better memory. Apart from that it also helps relieve stress and make you calm. But there is no proper evidence to prove this fact yet.

5. Fights bacteria

As mentioned earlier, spearmint is used in toothpaste, mouthwash, face wash, and other cosmetic products too. The main reason is its sweet mint flavor, and the other reason it can help fight bacteria and infection in the mouth and on the skin. That’s the reason, our bad breath stops and we do get a smooth scent.

6. Balances blood sugar level

Spearmint is used as an alternative sweetening agent instead of sugar for diabetic people as it acts as a natural sweetening agent by keeping the blood sugar levels at a normal pace. 

What does spearmint tea do for pcos?

PCOS known as Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition where women develop more male sex hormones such as testosterone and androgen. And this further leads to develop men's characteristics in women such as facial hair, adam’s apple, excess hair growth on the chest, back, and buttocks; oily skin, and acne. Women suffering from PCOS often find it difficult to get pregnant and do have irregular periods. 

Spearmint tea has the ability to treat PCOS, as it helps reduce the testosterone levels in the body, thereby reducing acne, male pattern baldness, and facial hair. Sometimes PCOS can be risen due to diabetes and spearmint tea already helps treat diabetes too. Be it one hormone or multiple hormones, spearmint tea has the ability to balance almost every hormone.

How to make spearmint tea for pcos?

Ingredients required: 5-6 spearmint leaves, water, honey, and ginger.

  1. Boil water on low heat & add spearmint leaves.
  2. Heat it for some more time, if required also add ginger to it. 
  3. Now add it to a glass and add honey for added taste. 
  4. You can drink it two times a day, with 250-300 ml of tea for each serving.

How much spearmint tea for pcos?

It is believed that our body can accept 400-500 mg of spearmint tea every day, which is in the form of capsules. When you want to consume it in a tea, you can consume around 250-300ml per serving and can consume it two times a day. The visible results generally start from one month to two months after continuous usage. Excessive consumption of spearmint tea can lead to side effects such as drowsiness, slowed breathing, allergies, kidney damage, and liver diseases.

Does spearmint tea have caffeine?

No, spearmint doesn’t have caffeine content until it's made in a regular way and no other preservatives or caffeine substances are added. And as it is zero caffeine content, it can be way more helpful than regular coffee and tea. You need not be worried about cavities, anxiety, stress, and sleep problems and drink it in peace.

Take Away

Spearmint has been in use in cooking for centuries, and its been in cosmetics for the past two decades. Now spearmint tea has more to offer than regular coffee, tea, and other beverages. It is better recommended if you are suffering from PCOS. Never consume it in excess and spearmint might be allergic to a few people and doesn’t work well with certain medications, so it's better to talk to your doctor before adding it to your daily regime.


Is spearmint tea good for pcos?

Yes, it is clearly observed that spearmint tea helps treat PCOS, it decreases testosterone levels and increases the production of estrogen hormone, a female sex hormone.

Does spearmint tea help with pcos?

Yes, spearmint tea can help with PCOS, and the results can be achieved only after constant usage for at least one to two months.

Does spearmint tea help with acne?

Spearmint has the ability to kill bacteria and treat infections. Spearmint tea also helps kill acne-causing bacteria, preventing further acne breakouts. 


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