The science (veda) behind Breweda
We are born with a prakriti (original state of body). Due to our habits and experiences we go away from the prakriti causing Vikriti (dissonance). Ayurveda tries to balance these and helps the body in healing from chronic conditions by reducing the symptoms. We strive to bring these ancient healthy brews in different modern drink formats so that you have the best of both worlds.
The brews have been developed along with ayurveda specialists to target specific conditions – although anyone can have them as they are generally very good for health as well. We continue to do research to come up with new drinks as well as improve on our existing products.
The also have tea/coffee/ayurvedic experts to select the best tasting tea/coffee/herbs from around India to give our customers the best tasting brews that they can lay their hand on. This is what makes breweda drinks the best tasting healthy drinks.
Our Herbs