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Did you what happens when you drink coffee with Invisalign?

Can you drink coffee with Invisalign?

There are certain chances that we end up having braces on our teeth to align them properly and have a perfect smile. There are various types of braces, such as metallic, ceramic, button, and many more. Invisalign is a type of brace but doesn’t exactly come under the same category. They are usually more expensive than regular braces and have better benefits too. They can be removed and placed back, whenever required. Usually, people using Invisalign are recommended to remove these things while they are eating or consuming any beverages. The main advantage of Invisalign is they are transparent and are not visible to other people. And no one ever knows that you had used it. 

Now, the biggest question here is “Can you drink coffee with Invisalign?” The answer is both yes and no. Yes, you can drink coffee and regular beverages with Invisalign on, however, doctors ask you to remove it while consuming it, causing it can damage your Invisalign and decrease its life. However, chewing is not possible with Invisalign too. 

So, you can consume coffee and tea safely without any worry, while you have your Invisalign on your teeth, the added benefit of doing so is, you can prevent cavities and teeth yellowing. 

But the answer is no because drinking coffee with your Invisalign on damages your Invisalign and sometimes the beverage can trapped in between your teeth and Invisalign leading to tooth decay.

What happens if you drink coffee with Invisalign?

Usually, Invisalign trays are made of flexible plastic to flexible thin rubbers. To be precise a patented thermoplastic is used to make these Invisalign trays. They can be easily put on and removed without the help of anyone. They are too transparent that, other people even can’t identify that you are wearing them. 

So whenever you drink a coffee with Invisalign on your teeth, there are chances that your Invisalign may get stained to yellow and brown. Apart from that, if you are consuming hot coffee, then the heat may rupture and damage the Invisalign tray. The same applies to any hot and dark beverages. 

How to drink coffee with Invisalign?

The simple way is to, remove the Invisalign trays before consuming coffee, but it’s sometimes not possible to remove those Invisalign trays because you might be on a date night, in a restaurant, or some public place, and removing them can make the situation awkward. 

However, these clear trays are beneficial for drinking regular beverages which or normal on a temperature that is not too hot. Apart from that if the situation is still demanding you to not remove those Invisalign trays, then you can consume these beverages and then immediately wash off your, Invisalign trays and teeth too. So it is recommended to carry a pocket-friendly mouthwash with you all the time when you are wearing an Invisalign and going to eat something. Another tip is, you can consume your coffee with a straw, which can minimize the effect on both the teeth and the Invisalign trays.

Can you drink coffee with a straw with Invisalign?

Yes, you can drink coffee with a straw, while Invisalign trays are on your teeth. Consuming coffee through a straw can minimize the effect on your teeth and the trays too. However, dentists do not recommend drinking coffee with a straw too, while wearing Invisalign trays. Although straw reduces the negative effects of coffee on Invisalign and teeth, it can still lead to damage them. But if you drink coffee with a straw and have trays on, then you need to wash your trays, once you finished drinking, to decrease the negative effects of it. 

Do I need to brush my teeth after drinking coffee with Invisalign?

Yes, you need to brush your teeth, when you consume coffee with Invisalign on your teeth. As mentioned earlier, when you drink coffee, the coffee can be struck in between the teeth and Invisalign, which can lead to cavities. So, it is highly advisable to brush your teeth after drinking coffee. However, if you are not in a place to brush your teeth, then you can have a mouthwash, which can be helpful too. But, you need to remember one thing, brushing more than two times a day can lead to tooth sensitivity and corrosion.

Best way to drink coffee with Invisalign?

The only best way to drink with Invisalign trays on your teeth is, by removing those trays, drinking your coffee, gargling your mouth using a mouthwash, cleaning the Invisalign trays, and wearing them again. But you need to wear your Invisalign trays for more than 20 hours a day, so you need to finish your coffee within 10-15 minutes. And one more suggestion is to avoid sugars and sweets to avoid cavities and tooth decay. 

Take Away

We understand you are a coffee lover, and it can be awkward and embarrassing to remove your trays in a crowd and consume your drink and then put them back on. So prefer cold beverages, that are too low on sugar, such as black coffee cold, green tea, etc. Always consult your dentist if you have any tooth pain or if you are getting bad odor from your mouth. 


Can I drink iced coffee with Invisalign?

It is usually recommended to take off your Invisalign trays while drinking any beverage other than plain water, but drinking iced coffee once in a while with Invisalign on your teeth won’t be a problem.

What happens if you drink soda with Invisalign?

Drinking soda with Invisalign on your teeth can worsen your teeth' health. The sugar and acid will be trapped and it can lead to tooth decay. 

Is it OK to use mouthwash with Invisalign?

It is ok to use mouthwash with Invisalign because it cleans both your teeth and your trays, however, you should clean them separately, because it will be more effective.


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