Does coffee stain your teeth?

Does coffee stain your teeth?

Does coffee stain your teeth?

Around 70 percent of individuals, in drink coffee every morning United States. There are numerous types of coffee and they prefer based on their choice. The most preferred coffee is black, and although there are numerous types, caffeine is common. And few people consume coffee more than two times a day, in addition, to fighting work stress, concentrating on their work, and other reasons. 

The most concerning factor today is stained teeth. Teeth stains can be caused due to various reasons, such as improper cleaning, no proper teeth, excess coffee or tea intake, eating colored foods, formation of more plaque, and more. And you don’t need to be worried about that, as there is a solution to that. Out of all the reasons for stained teeth, coffee is believed to be the major reason. Without further delay, let’s know how to stop our teeth from staining and make them pearl white. 

What causes stained teeth?

As mentioned above, there are several reasons for stained teeth, which are as follows:

1. Poor dental hygiene: 

Be their many reasons, but poor dental hygiene can still play the main role in staining teeth. Our mouth is always compromised of bacteria, that we never know of. And whenever we consume food, it increases the chance of increasing bacteria, and this bacteria is the main for forming staining on the teeth. Apart from that whenever we eat something if it is cleaned properly from the mouth, then there forms a white substance called plaque, and when then is plaque is left on the teeth for linger periods, it leads to the formation of stains. 

2. Tobacco use:

We all know that tobacco intake causes cancer. But it does more than that, whenever you consume tobacco be it chewing or smoking, you are killing your taste buds, and affecting your gums. As a result, you often get throat infections, bad breath, and gum diseases. And then this ultimately results in the formation of yellow stains on your teeth. 

3. Age:

Age is another major factor in stained teeth. With age our teeth' health drops. Our tooth enamel slowly wears down with age. As the enamel is down, the stains easily form on the tooth.

4. Medication:

It is observed that various medications such as anti-depressants, antihistamines, and other major drugs contribute to discoloration in teeth. They fade the teeth' enamel, disturb the gum health, form more plaque, dry up your mouth and ultimately lead to stained teeth. 

5. Food habits: 

As mentioned earlier, food habits also contribute to teeth stains. Due to excess colors, caffeine content, and harsh spices teeth enamel is disturbed and forms a yellowish layer on the teeth.

How to avoid coffee stains on teeth?

It is obvious that we can’t quit coffee at one go, but then we still need a solution to it. Here are a few remedies to prevent coffee stains on teeth. First thing first, stop consuming excess coffee, that is limit your coffee intake per day. Avoid sugar and creams on your coffee, as they help in speeding up bacteria accumulation and discoloration.

And instead of drinking coffee in many sips, consume it one go, this reduces the effect of coffee on your teeth. And also do drink a glass of water, and rinse your mouth.

If you are a cold coffee person, then drink it through straws to avoid the effect on your teeth. And stop brushing your teeth immediately after drinking coffee, as coffee is acidic, and treating it with base can discolor your teeth.

How to remove teeth stains?

You can remove teeth stains, through the following ways:

  1. Use whitening toothpaste
  2. Baking soda on teeth
    1. Use charcoal-based toothpaste
    2. Eat fruits
    3. Reduce coffee consumption
    4. Brush teeth two times a day
      1. Rinse your mouth after eating or drinking anything
      2. Consult your dentist
        1. Avoid smoking and tobacco

        How does coffee affect oral health?

        Besides stained teeth coffee has other effects on your health such as, it is acidic, which can diminish your enamel, and can form plaque, cavities, and bad breath too. It is observed that drinking too much coffee can also lead to tooth decay. As it is high in acid and linked to halitosis. When it is consumed, it can linger and be a breeding ground for bacteria, helping to further develop and cause various oral health issues.

        Take Away

        Cutting down on coffee is never easy. But it is a simple transaction, if you want white and shiny teeth, then you need to focus on decreasing coffee consumption. You can also try herbal teas or coffees. Green tea is shown to be effective in treating tooth decay and other issues related to oral health.


        How can I prevent tooth discoloration?

        You can prevent tooth discoloration by avoiding colored foods and drinks, for instance, cola, coffee, tea, red wine, and more. 

        Are coffee stains on teeth permanent?

        No stains on the teeth are not permanent, they can be treated and will be gradually decreased with time after you stop drinking coffee. You can also consult your dentist and it can be cleaned in no time. 

        Does coffee stain teeth more than tea?

        The answer is not true, tea also has the same effect as coffee does, and the amount of staining on teeth is dependent on how strong you make your beverage, how often you drink, and how often you clean your teeth.


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