Does twisted tea have gluten?

Does twisted tea have gluten?

Does twisted tea have gluten?

It is always a hard thing to choose between alcohol and tea. On a bright evening, after a stressful day at work, all we want is a drink to calm our brain, and there tea helps to do it and alcohol also does the same, but alcohol has other effects too. And choosing between them is the hardest part. And the solution was brought up too, it is twisted tea. Twisted tea is an alcoholic drink with malt and tea essence in it. It comes in a variety of flavors like lemon, blueberry, mango, peach, raspberry, and more. 

It is an alcoholic drink but is lighter when compared to other drinks. It has less percentage of alcohol in it, even when compared to beer and cider. And right now the most concerned question is whether twisted tea has gluten in it. Gluten is a protein found in most wheat products that act as a glue that holds up the shape of the food. Gluten is a naturally occurring substance and it is not possible to remove from the grain. So if the food or beverages are made from these grains then it mostly contains gluten in it. Tea is undoubtedly gluten-free, and coming to twisted tea is also a gluten-free drink.

What is twisted tea made of?

Twisted Tea is a flavored malt beverage that is made of brewed tea, natural flavors, and malted barley. It also contains alcohol, usually in the form of vodka, malted barley, or grain alcohol such as beer. Depending on the Twisted Tea flavor and brand, the precise elements and recipe may change. Nevertheless, black tea, water, and sugar are generally used in the brewing process for the majority of Twisted Tea products. A refreshing alcoholic beverage is then made using tea, natural flavors, and carbonated water.

Twisted tea ingredients

Twisted tea ingredients are based on the way it was brewed, the brand, alcohol percentage, and flavor added to it. In a general case scenario, here are the ingredients of a twisted tea. Water, High fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, brewed tea, maltodextrin, citric acid, natural flavors such as lemon, orange, mango, and more, malic acid, and more. Coming to the alcohol content, it typically includes either vodka or beer with their flavors and preservatives if it comes in cans. 

Twisted tea benefits and side effects


  1. Reduced risk of heart disease
  2. Reduced stress
  3. Relaxation and sociability

Side effects:

  1. Headaches
  2. Addiction
  3. Vomiting & Nausea
  4. Liver disease
  5. High blood pressure

What alcohol is in twisted tea?

Twisted Tea contains alcohol, typically in the form of malted barley, vodka, or grain alcohol, depending on the specific flavor and brand of the product. Does twisted tea have caffeine? The exact type and amount of alcohol may vary between different Twisted Tea products, but most Twisted Tea varieties have an alcohol content of around 5% ABV (alcohol by volume).

 And this caffeine content is usually lower when compared to other caffeinated, twisted tea have caffeine in it. A serving of 12 ounces of twisted tea, contains an approximate content of 30mg of caffeinated drinks. And a person can drink up to 300 mg of caffeine per day. But that’s dependent on the person’s caffeine tolerance and that’s another story. 

Twisted tea contains caffeine because of its extraction and preparation from black tea leaves. And caffeine is naturally found in the tea plant Camellia Sinensis. And that’s the reason for its popularity being both a caffeinated drink and alcoholic drink, satisfying both needs.

Take Away

Twisted is one of the rarest drinks and is consumed by very few people. Most people know that there is a tea named twisted and it contains alcohol in it. However, some people find twisted to be addictive and inappropriate too. It is always recommended to consume within its limitations, and once in a while and it is better if it is not added to your regular beverage list. 


Is twisted tea gluten-free?

Usually, the components of twisted tea are gluten-free, but it still depends on the ingredients added to the tea while making it. And twisted tea does taste good when it is gluten-free. However, you confirm it with certification or a label on the drink stating that it is gluten-free.

Is twisted tea alcohol?

Twisted is originally refreshing iced tea, brewed from black tea with a twist of lemon juice. However, it contains vodka or beer to make it tastier, fulfill alcohol cravings, and calm your nerves.

How much sugar in twisted tea?

In a regular cup of twisted tea, there are around 23 grams of sugar and 194 calories. However, it will be changed if it is not a cider, and made of vodka. 


Is twisted tea gluten free? By Rambler, Aug 11, 2022.

Is Twisted tea gluten free? By Rachael Roehmdolt.

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