How long does coffee last in fridge?

Can we put coffee in fridge?

How long does coffee last in the fridge?

The word coffee takes our stress away. Our dopamine starts to play, and we start to crave caffeine. Sometimes all we want at the end of the day is good coffee, but coffee at any restaurant or café is always unpredictable, and we end up making coffee ourselves. But still, then we get a problem, we might make more cups of coffee than we actually crave, or else the coffee we prepare for our guests might not be interested in drinking it. 

Another scenario is where we want to prepare coffee in advance, so as to fight time constrain. And the doubt now arises is whether we can refrigerate it, or store it in the freezer, should we leave it outside, and even if we leave it outside will it stay for more time, or how much time will it exactly stay fresh? These are the common questions of every coffee lover, don’t worry you will become a coffee expert by the end of this blog. 

In general, coffee stays in the fridge for 1-2 days at most, but it can spoil within a half day also because the amount of time it stays fresh in the fridge depends on the way we blend the coffee and ingredients used in it. There are numerous varieties of coffee, and cold coffee is the one if you are looking out for freezing it and storing it for a while. As cold coffee or iced coffee stays fresh in the fridge for 1-2 weeks. Apart from this, you can premake coffees that are available in tetra packs which usually last up to 3 months. 

How to store brewed coffee in the fridge?

Storing coffee in the fridge might be a new thing, trust us, it isn’t hard. A tip to remember, the longer the coffee is hot the faster it will oxidize. So transfer your coffee to another container once the coffee is brewed, do not overheat it. You can put some cream on the top, it makes your coffee tastier and keeps it alive for a longer period of time. Now make sure that the container is airtight, or in an insulated thermos flask. If the thermos flask isn’t your thing, then keep the container in the freezer, make sure light isn’t passing to the coffee, and the temperature is not low making the liquid turn solid. Now all you need to do is consume it in a day or two days maximum. And if it is a cold coffee, it will work well for a week. 

Can you store brewed coffee in the fridge?

Yes, we can store brewed coffee in the fridge. But, it depends on the way we brewed our coffee, the coffee beans we used, the apparatus involved in brewing, the temperature of the freezer, and the container used to store it. These all factors affect the taste and aroma of the coffee. If it is cold coffee then it is highly recommended to freeze it but if it is regular coffee then you can consume it soon, or store it in a thermos flask.

How long can brewed coffee last in the fridge?

Usually, the duration of the freshness of the coffee when stored in the fridge can be depended on various factors. Like, if it is hot coffee it can last up to 2 days maximum but it tastes good for the first two-three hours. And if you are going to consume it in the next 2 to 3 hours, then it's better you store it in a thermos flask rather than keep it in the refrigerator. And if you are opting for cold coffee, you can freeze it, and it stays as long as 2 weeks and it still tastes good. 

Best container to store brewed coffee?

To store the coffee and keep it fresh, you not only need to make it right but also you need to store it in the right place. There are four main enemies of coffee, they are air, moisture, light, and extreme temperatures be it hot or cold. You need to store coffee in an airtight container so that you can keep your coffee away from light, and moisture, and on top of all that you can keep the flavor still alive. And the best containers for storing it are glass or ceramic with an effective seal. In general, you can keep these containers in a dark and cold place (fridge) and not expose them to sunlight or do not freeze it to solid. 

Take Away

We understand that it is a hard process to make coffee every day waking up to a lot of work and ending the day with a lot of stress, but it is always best to drink fresh coffee. The fresh it is the tastier it is, and the caffeine content will be useful too. And it is always recommended not to buy coffee that has an expiry date of more than three months. Always use the right apparatus while making your coffee, and storing it too, and if you want to make a coffee that you want to freeze then cold coffee/iced coffee is your ideal choice. So, on the final lines make less coffee every day and drink tasty every day. 


Can you refrigerate coffee with milk?

Yes, you can refrigerate coffee with milk, but it needs to be sealed in an airtight container and it can last for up to a day or two.

How long does iced coffee last in the fridge?

Iced coffee or cold coffee can last up to 2 weeks in the fridge, although there are a few cold coffees available in a tetra pack that last up to 3 months.

Is it OK to refrigerate coffee?

Unless it is an iced coffee or cold coffee, it is not recommended to refrigerate coffee in the fridge, if necessary it can be held for 2 hours maximum.


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