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Is Coffee Good for Sore Throat? Know the Details Here

To start, we drink coffee for many reasons, such as relieving stress, caffeine addiction, central nervous system stimulant, keeping us active throughout the day, keeping us awake for our late night work, an evening beverage, an early morning beverage, and many more. And there’s one more reason added to this list, coffee is also drunk during the sore throat. Yes, coffee is good for treating sore throat. When you drink coffee with a sore throat, it soothes your throat and also provides a comforting sensation. A sore throat is a condition where some infection is caused to the tonsils or throat. 

Know how sore throat cause?

A sore throat is a pain, scratchiness, and irritation in the throat. During sore throat, it is hard to swallow anything, and drinking cold water or beverages worsens the situation. A sore throat can be caused due to various reasons such as 

1. Viral infection

During our general infections such as cold, flu, and fever, there are chances we can get a sore throat.

2. Smoking

Smoking makes the throat dry and also helps in the formation of bacteria in the throat region, which when increased can result in a sore throat.

3. Strong perfumes

Strong perfumes can be pleasant for some people, while the rest can be irritating in the nose and throat region, and if the perfume is inhaled for longer periods of time, it leads to a sore throat.

4. Allergies

It is also believed that regular allergies to some food, herbs, and spices can lead to a sore throat.

5. Cold climate

Cold climates such as single-digit temperatures and freezing temperatures make our throats dry and if the water consumption is low, then it leads to a sore throat.

6. Cold beverages

Cold beverages like cold climates make our throats dry, which further leads to a sore throat. 

The above-listed reasons are the main reason for getting a sore throat, however, it can be the same for everyone, and there might be other reasons too. 

Can Coffee Help a Sore Throat?

Yes, as mentioned earlier, coffee can help treat a sore throat. To be precise it actually relieves sore throat for a while, and consuming any hot beverages constantly every two to three hours can be effective in treating the sore throat. Below is a list of benefits of drinking coffee during a sore throat:

1. Soothes the throat

Drinking hot coffee helps soothes the throat, as the warmth itself is a comforting thing during the sore throat, and additionally the steam of the hot coffee helps treat discomfort in the throat.

2. Relieves coughing

It is shown to be effective when you drink coffee with honey, and it has positive effects in relieving cough, and constant consumption also decreases sore throat. 

3. Reduces the pain

Caffeinated coffee contains rich antioxidants, and these antioxidants have soothing effects, as a result, pain is reduced in the throat. Coffee also contains natural properties that include chlorogenic acid which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Does caffeine in coffee affects the sore throat?

Coffee has both advantages and disadvantages when consumed during sore throat. Coming to caffeine part plays a major role in affecting sore throat. As mentioned earlier,  caffeine is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties which help relieve pain and soothe the throat for a while. 

On the other hand, taking too much caffeine can keep you awake for longer periods of time, and during sore throat all you need to do is rest, and it can’t happen. Then taking can make you go hungry less, and where you stop your food intake, which can make you weak. Apart from these, caffeine, when consumed in excess, can be relieving in the beginning but, later can cause dryness in the throat that can further irritate the throat and can lead to an increase in the severity of the sore throat. It also leads increase in anxiety and jitteriness, which makes the condition worse. Keeping all these aside, taking excess caffeine can have a bad impact on your overall health too.

Coffee with add-ons for sore throat relief

1. Ashwagandha coffee:

Ashwagandha coffee helps in improving your immunity, it relieves pain, clams your brain, helps you sleep better, and soothes overall pain too.

2. Coffee with honey: 

It helps treat your cough and it also contains anti-microbial properties to help fight the bacteria which is present in the throat region.

3. Coffee with ginger: 

This coffee helps soothe the pain. It also boosts immunity and helps treat the running nose. 

4. Turmeric and pepper coffee: 

This coffee has antibacterial and antiviral properties, that help fight a viral infection in the throat region.

Take Away

A sore throat can be caused due to various reasons, you need to cut down on smoking, alcohol, cold beverages, and low temperatures. This way you can control sore throat, apart from that, if you started noticing a fever or high body temperature then you need to consult your health care professional without any further delay. And then you can also gargle hot salt turmeric water every 2-3 hours for soothing the pain and getting relief.


Can hot coffee help a sore throat?

Yes, drinking hot beverages such as coffee can help treat sore throat, it gives soothing relief and treats pain for a while. The steam is also well during a sore throat.

Is coffee bad for sore throat?

Coffee can be only bad for sore throat only when you drink it in the form of cold coffee, or any cold beverage, or else consuming it hot can be relieving.

What to drink in the morning for sore throat?

You can drink, hot water, herbal tea, hot and spicy soup, and other hot beverage. The other best remedy is gargling hot salt and turmeric water. 


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