What does coffee and lemon do to your body?

What does coffee and lemon do to your body?

What does coffee and lemon do to your body?

We drink coffee for various reasons and then lemon for various reasons, but did you know about drinking coffee with lemon? Do you know its benefits? Do you know what it does to you? Coffee and lemon are shown to be more beneficial in losing weight. 

Coffee and lemon when consumed together help flush out the toxins and potential waste from the body. It also helps boost metabolism, keep you active all day long, and energized too. 

Coffee and lemon benefits

1. Aids in weight loss

Coffee and lemon doesn’t directly involve in weight loss or fat loss. But, they work as secondary supplement. When you consume it, coffee and lemon helps boost your metabolism and keeps your stomach satiate for a longer period of time, and helps you cut off on unwanted calories.

2. Relieves Headache

Caffeine is already known to treat headaches. Coffee helps your mind become clam and relaxed, and lemon at the same time, keeps your body refreshed and relaxed too. So, headaches caused by migraine and stress are known to relieved.

3. Treat Diarrhea

Although there’s no evidence that coffee and lemon treats diarrhea. It is believed and practised by many people that, consuming ground coffee and lemon can decrease diarrhea.

4. Improves skin health

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C. And vitamin C is the ally of good skin. And coffee has also been shown to be effective in treating skin pigmentation an stuff. So, coffee with Lemon and help improve skin health.

5. Increased attention and concentration

As mentioned above, coffee keeps your brain calm and relaxed. As coffee is high caffeine, which is potent stimulant to keep you awake for longer hours, energized, active and also increases your attention span and focus too.

Does coffee and lemon help for weight loss

Although coffee is widely known as a metabolism booster, any increase in calorie burning is usually modest and transient. However, any potential advantages might be countered by adding cream, sugar, or other high-calorie components to your coffee.

Coming to lemon, some individuals think that drinking lemon water will aid in weight reduction, however, there is just a little amount of scientific data to back this up. Although lemon does include certain vitamins and antioxidants, the quantity in a standard glass of lemon water is not sufficient to significantly affect weight reduction.

How to lose weight with coffee and lemon?

Here are few tips to follow to lose weight using coffee with lemon:

  1. Opt for Black coffee
  2. Don’t add any kind of sugar
  3. Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach
  4. Have regular physical activity
  5. Stop eating high calorie foods
  6. Stop taking too much stress

Lemon and coffee weight loss drink recipe

Coffee with lemon is a delicious drink, you can ever try. It is simple and easy to prepare at home. 

List of ingredients to make a Lemon coffee beverage. 

  • Coffee powder
  • Water/Milk
  • ½ cup Greek yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 3-5 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • And ice if you want it cold.


Prepare black coffee like you usually do, be it with milk or with water. Now blend, coffee, yogurt, honey, lemon juice, and ice together for a few minutes, until the desired froth is achieved. Pour it into a glass or jar and serve it cold. If you looking for weight loss then water is the right choice instead of milk, and if the taste is the first priority then the answer is milk while making the coffee.

Take Away

Drinking coffee is your choice, and adding lemon to it can have better results and also help you with your weight loss regime, but there are certain side effects too. Taking too much caffeine can be addictive and harmful. And it is not advisable to drink coffee with lemon, if its only for weight loss, because there are many other better ways. It is always recommended to consult your health care professional before adding coffee with lemon to your daily routine.


Can I lose belly fat with coffee?

Yes, drinking coffee can aid in weight loss, according to a study at T.H. Chan School of Public Health, it is found that drinking four cups of coffee a day shown to be effective in decreasing weight, and the benefits get doubled if you drink black coffee without any sweeteners.

Can I drink coffee with lemon during intermittent fasting?

Coffee with lemon has no calories when there is no sugar or sweeteners added. And drinking it during intermittent fasting can help burn fat and decrease hunger.

Best time to drink coffee and lemon?

Drinking coffee with lemon first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is known to be more effective when compared to consumption at other times. 


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