What is herbal peppermint tea? And what are its benefits?

What is herbal peppermint tea? And what are its benefits?

What is peppermint herbal tea good for health benefits, nutrition?

We all must have heard about the name peppermint. But do you guys know that there is a tea made from peppermint? Yes, the tea is peppermint tea and is famous for its various health benefits. We use peppermint in most products of our day-to-day life, such as in foods as a flavoring agent, in toothpaste, face washes, creams, lotions, and more. And surprisingly it is also used in tea too. Many people consume it too. It has been a historic tea in India and other parts of Europe and Asia, as it is mostly available in those places only. Later, it became popular for its flavoring and medicinal properties. Let’s know more about this peppermint tea and its health benefits.

What is peppermint tea good for?

Peppermint tea is good for lot many things. It has been the main ingredient in modern-day products such as toothpastes, candies, teas, face washes, shampoos, and more. It is famous for its taste, it has a minty flavor and has a lot of potential health benefits. However, there is not much scientific research done on peppermint tea and its benefits to validate. Peppermint is composed of menthone, limonene, and menthol and these all compounds have a positive effect on our health when consumed. It is very easy to prepare in the comfort of your home too.

What are the benefits of peppermint tea?

Here is the list of benefits offered by drinking peppermint tea:

1. Aids in digestion

Peppermint is believed to have positive effects on digestion. Consuming peppermint tea before having food has shown positive results in digestion, that is, it helped in faster and easier digestion, without bloating as it relaxes the muscles in the digestive tract. It is also shown to be effective in treating nausea and stop vomiting sensations.

2. Stress relief

Peppermint tea is famous for its relaxing properties. When it is consumed, it is shown to decrease stress and also helps in relieving headaches. The menthol present in peppermint tea increases the blood flow to the brain and also provides a cooling sensation and which helps in relieving stress.

3. Eliminates bad odor

As mentioned above, peppermint is used in toothpaste, face washes, and shampoos for its cooling effect and soft smell. Peppermint is antibacterial and when consumed helps fights bacteria and the bad odor in the mouth giving a fresh and cool breath.

4. Soothes menstrual cramps

As peppermint acts as a muscle relaxant, it is also shown to be effective in reducing the pain caused by menstrual cramps. Peppermint tea may help reduce the severity and length of muscle cramps during menstruation.

5. Improve sleep quality

Peppermint tea contains no trace of caffeine and it is the best drink to consume before bedtime. As it helps get relief from stress and keeps you relaxed, it also makes your brain calm which ultimately helps in getting you a better sleep. 

6. Aids in weight loss

Peppermint has no calories in it, and it is a good choice if you are looking to reduce some lbs. Drinking peppermint right before your meal can help you keep your stomach keep full and consume less and also helps in faster absorption of the food. 

Homemade peppermint tea

Making peppermint tea is very easy. And you can get these peppermint tea bags in most of the supermarkets. You can also order herbal teas at Breweda. Let’s know the simplest way to make peppermint tea in the comfort of your home.


Peppermint leaves




Boil a cup of water or as per your requirement. Turn off the heat, cut those peppermint leaves, and add them to the water. Close the lid, and leave it for five minutes this will help the peppermint to get absorbed in the water. Now transfer the tea into a cup. If you prefer your tea sweet, then add one tablespoon of honey or ground cinnamon powder to your tea, mix it, and drink it hot. 

Does peppermint tea help you sleep?

As mentioned above, when peppermint tea is consumed it helps calm your brain, relieved stress and anxiety, and improves your mood. It helps in the improvement of the overall sleep quality. Few consumers believe they have drowsiness after drinking peppermint tea, which helps them sleep faster and better. The oils present in peppermint help you and your muscles to get into a relaxed state thereby helping you sleep better.

Take Away

There are many benefits of drinking peppermint tea, but on the other hand, there are negative effects of drinking it too. A Few of the effects include camping, drowsiness, diarrhea, muscle pain, and other allergic reactions when it isn’t suitable for your body and the consumption is high. So excess consumption is not recommended and it is better to consult your healthcare provider if you are on any medication.


Best time to consume peppermint tea for weight loss

Peppermint tea be consumed almost anytime during the day, you can drink it during breakfast, during the evening, or 30 minutes prior to your dinner especially if you are looking for weight loss. 

Is it OK to drink peppermint tea everyday?

Yes, you can drink peppermint tea everyday and it is even recommended because of its health benefits. And is naturally caffeine free, so it won’t affect your sleep cycle also.

Are there any negative effects of peppermint tea?

Yes, there are a few negative effects of peppermint tea, such as allergies, drowsiness, muscle pain, low blood pressure and etc.


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