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How long do coffee beans last?

How long do coffee beans last?

Hello coffee love! There are numerous types of coffee all over the world, and different individuals prefer different types of coffee. There are different types of coffee beans too. Although the coffee is made from the same beans, the taste can differ as the process used to make the coffee can be different. Like the way it is brewed, it is stored, the caffeine content in it, and many more. Sometimes the only option we feel like trying is making the coffee ourselves. We end up purchasing the coffee beans and within a week, we realize that buying coffee is easy than brewing it every day. And the coffee beans we bought ended up on the shelf. And after a while doubt arises as, to whether the coffee beans have an expiry date or not. If yes, how long would the coffee beans stay good? And is it ok we consume coffee beans after their expiry? Do they last more if the bag was unopened? Let’s know more!

Where does coffee beans come from?

In general, there are two types of coffee, Arabica, and Robusta. Robusta is the type of coffee used in instant coffees and mid-quality espresso. Robusta is usually cheaper when compared to Arabica. However, Robusta is way stronger and has a bitter flavor.

Coming to Arabica coffee is often called the good stuff and is the most commonly sold in the United States. It is also used in many of the drinks such as iced coffees and other beverages. Be it robusta or arabica both are grown and found in the regions that are close to the equator. And climatic conditions similar to it, with certain levels of moisture, humidity, air, soil composition, and more. Coffee beans can’t be grown everywhere. The region it is grown affects its taste and the price of it too. 

Factors that impact how long coffee stays fresh

Here is the list of factors that affect the life of coffee beans:

  1. Roasting: Roasted coffee beans tend to have a longer life.
  2. Airtight containers: Coffee beans need to be stored in an airtight container.
  3. Grinding: Grinding makes the coffee oxidize faster,  so it is recommended to grind them before consuming.
  4. Quality coffee beans: Arabica coffee beans have more life than robust ones. Also, look out for their originality for a better life.
  5. Moisture: Coffee beans tend to absorb moisture from the environment, so make sure that they are stored away from humid and moist places.

How to store coffee beans?

As mentioned above keeping those factors in mind, one can store coffee beans to enjoy their maximum life:

1: Using air-tight containers:

After purchasing coffee beans, transfer them to an air-tight container immediately. And make sure that the containers have less empty space. The more the space is, the more air will be and it comes in contact with beans decreasing their life span.

2: Store in a cold place:

You need to store these containers or packets in a cold place, away from sunlight, heat, moisture, and strong odors. These elements can affect the flavor of the beans and life too.

3: Avoid sunlight:

Direct sunlight can deteriorate the coffee beans. So you need to choose a place that is dark, where no sunlight or daylight reaches.

4: Roasting:

When you buy huge quantities of beans, don’t roast them all at once. Roasting can decrease their life span. So it is recommended to roast the beans before you consume them in small er quantities.

5: Buy the whole bean coffee:

Instead of buying of pre-ground coffee, buy whole-bean coffee. Whole-bean then to have longer freshness until they have less surface area exposed to air.

How long do coffee beans last in the fridge?

Many assume them storing coffee beans helps them last longer than usual. But it is not true, storing in the fridge can decrease the life of the coffee beans. Storing coffee beans in the fridge can make them absorb moisture and odors from the other food that is already present in the fridge. This results in a decrease in the strongness of the beans and changes in the flavor. 

Usually, when stored in a refrigerator, coffee beans last longer but the flavor gets affected. And every time you open the fridge, the coffee beans can be exposed to the air, and it can decrease its life.

Take Away

The best way for you to store your coffee beans for a longer period of time is by storing them in dark and airtight containers. Apart from that, buy in smaller quantities, as you restore it weekly once or twice a month. You can also try herbal coffee powders, that usually stay much longer than regular coffee beans, which are cost-saving and it also has various health benefits too.


Do coffee beans expire if unopened?

Yes, coffee beans expire if unopened, but it takes more time than usual to get expired.

How long does a cup of coffee last?

A cup of coffee stays fresh for up to 10 hours from the time it’s prepared.

Does expired coffee lose caffeine?

The flavor and taste of the coffee will change the caffeine content will remain the same.

How long do roasted coffee beans last?

Freshly roasted coffee beans can last up to a whole year based on the bean's origin, their extraction, and the way it is stored.


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